5 Reasons my style of newborn photography suits older newborn babies

  1. Relaxed

  2. Not posed

  3. Simply

  4. Studio set-up

  5. Beautiful props

1. My relaxed style of photography is suitable for both tiny new babies and older newborns (around 10-14 weeks). I've found a relaxed approach helps keep baby calm and puts new parents at ease in my studio.

2. Not only is my approach to newborn photography relaxed, my sessions are none posed. By this I mean I don't follow a list of poses to put babies into. Lot's of photographers work this way which is fine it's just not for me. I like the babies that visit my studio to be settled and not over stimulated. I start sessions as soon as you arrive with your baby. Most babies arrive asleep so this allows me to get some sleepy fully clothed images without disturbing baby to much.

3. All the garments and props in my studio have been carefully selected to keep things really simple. Everything I have in my studio compliments your baby and don't take anything away from there natural beauty.

4. The beauty of my simple studio set-up is that it allows me to set-up for the age baby that is coming, for an older newborn session I can have my single bed set-up this allows space for older siblings too. This is great for safety too as I can put pillows around little siblings to help keep little ones safe.

5. My studio is filled with beautiful props, not all are suitable for older newborns. I do have some that are great for older newborn babies, a lovely bed that is great when siblings come too as I can sit older siblings next to baby which is great if siblings are still very little as I would not get a little one to hold baby. I use a newborn posing bag which is suitable for older newborns and great to get images of parents with baby and family shots.

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