Black & White Photography

"Black & white photography erases time from the equation"

Jason Peterson

There is something very special about black & white images, even when looking back at our parents grandparents they stand the test of time.

A Black and white image is timeless...

As a Maternity & Newborn Photography I include both colour and Black & white images in all my collections. My clients can choose to print in either but they still have the digital image if in the future they decide to print it differently. I am currently changing all my photos around my home as I have recently painted and think that the Black and white version I have of my own children will look fab with my new colour scheme

When I photograph a Newborn baby I like to capture all their tiny details, Lips, eyelashes, toes & fingers

Black & white images remove the distraction of colour, they are simple and take nothing away from your beautiful new baby

Classic Maternity images

Please contact me to discuss a Maternity or Newborn Photography shoot

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