Facebook Account Hacked £3750 spent on advertising Bee Hives!!!!

Recently my Facebook account was hacked! This was done in such away that I was blissfully unaware of it! 

How they accessed my account

Some how lets call then bad people for the sake of this so its readable got into my Facebook account through my personal profile page and managed to spend thousands in my Ad's manager account something I have only used a few times for peanuts. The only way I would of noticed this was if I had gone into my Ad's manager page which I don't use regularly 

The ad I was funding was basically a scam advertising Bee hives of all things and yes people when something is to good to be true its a SCAM!

The impact on my business

What made things worse (your now thinking she already lots thousands of pounds) is people genuinely thought I was selling the Bee hives so when they were not receiving anything lots of angry people were contacting me through my business messager for refunds.... I have had to point out to each person that they had been scammed and I had not taken their money. WHY would a photographer be selling Bee hives!

One of these people then left me a one star review which I am p###ed off about as I have worked very hard to get five star reviews from all my customers. Facebook have been pretty useless through the whole thing, its always the same with these massive companies their is no one to talk too. I am still working on getting this removed....

I was only made aware of the problem when I received a text for my bank saying I had gone over my overdraft limit, which I then thought could be scam text but I logged on to have a look and to my horror there in front of my eyes the money was going out.... I was in a complete panic..... as the kids shouted at me about how long dinner was going to be I composed myself and put my thinking head back on. I called the bank immediately and stopped my card. £700 more was taken while on the phone!

I have to confess that night I burnt the sausages!!!

I then had to go though to Paypal as my account was link to Facebook, they put me straight through to the fraud department. Within a matter of days Paypal had confirm that I would receive my money back all £3750.... this did take 10 days during this time all my direct debits were rejected which was a pain and took me loads of time to sort out the whole thing has been a pain in the butt 

What I would advise to stop this happening to you

I have since looked into protecting my accounts and wanted to share this with you to stop it happening to anyone else

Make sure you have anti virus software installed on your PC/Mac (it now looks like mine had stopped working for what reason I don't know but this may of been how they got in to my PC and got my password)

In Facebook go in to security & Login set to use two-factor authentication this will send you a security code when you log on and will prevent an unusual device being able to log in

Make sure you change your passwords regularly (I know this is a pain) and do not make them all the same (again I know its a pain to remember them all)

In Facebook Ad's manager you can set a spend limit go in to Ad Manager Settings Payment settings set your account spending limit (this may not have helped me as they could of changed it but if they were not aware of it being there it may have stopped so much being taken)

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